About Me

Welcome to my blog! So you want to know more about me huh? Well this page will help answer your questions.

My name is Tegan, and I come from Ontario, Canada. I'm currently 24 and born on November 10th. I am a graduate of the Versailles Academy Professional Esthetician program! I have been playing around with makeup for years now, and I'm definitely obsessed. After going to school I've found that I have a particular passion for skincare, and I want everyone I help to feel beautiful in their own skin! I work at Shoppers Drug Mart as a Cosmetician with some of my favourite people, and also just started my own side business of esthetics services from home. Click here for a price list. I'm also a nerd at heart, so expect me to crack some lame jokes, and talk about the current games, movies, shows, and books that I'm into. I am very honest, and everything on this blog will be my honest opinion, I promise you that.

Want to know more? Ask me anything you like & I will post it below in an FAQ.

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