Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Essence Kalinka Beauty Collection~

When I was at work yesterday I had to set up a new Essence collection. This one revolves around a Russian theme, called Kalinka Beauty. The collection includes a blush, three nail polishes, a lip cream duo, lip brush, two eyeshadows, and a babushka doll purse (which I did not pick up). Swatches will be at the end of the post.

Here is the collection as a whole:

The blush. It's a bright peachy apricot colour. Not too much shimmer and in cute packaging. I really like this blush, and it wasn't too powdery. It's a nice flush, but not as pigmented as the other Essence blushes. Perfect colour for spring.

blush: east side story

The lip cream duo. Don't be fooled, they are very sheer. One is a gloss and one is a satin finish lip cream. Both are very nice and comfortable on the lips. If you like a red lip but don't want anything too pigmented or bright, this is perfect for you.

lip cream: meet me @ red square

The eyeshadows. There are two in this collection, a soft peach and a light brown. Both are not too pigmented. I wasn't super impressed with them, but then again I didn't use a primer. They both are kind of too light to use as anything but an all over lid colour. The brown is definitely not dark enough to use in the crease. Both are semi-matte finish with no glitter.

left to right: from russia with love,  babushka me

The lip brush. I really like this brush. For 1.99 who can go wrong? I love the colour of it and it's more of a large lip brush but still works well.

The polishes. Three very nice colours. I originally only wanted the orange, but decided to do a review and thus picked them all up. I'm glad I did because I prefer the green and blue over the orange for formula. The orange was somewhat gloopy compared to the others, but you just have to work with it, and give it extra dry time. Overall very nice colours for spring and summer! 

from left to right: absolut blue (ahaha! I love that name), green scene, and east side story


from top to bottom: east side story, absolut blue, and green scene

Me with the products on my eyes, cheeks and lip cream (without gloss) on lips:

close up of eyes
it was blurry, but I liked this picture... lol

More swatchies:

from left to right: east side story (blush), from russia with love (eyeshadow),  babushka me (eyeshadow)

from left to right: meet me @ red square (lip cream duo cream and gloss), babushka me (eyeshadow), from russia with love (eyeshadow), east side story (blush)

Hope you guys enjoyed that and found it helpful!

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