Thursday, March 13, 2014

Collective Haul: fashion, hair, beauty etc.

Today I went to film a video on my camera, and just as I was starting to film, my camera died on me. So although I was a little peeved, I plugged the battery charger into the wall and decided to do a blog post instead. The world will just have to wait a few more days to see my current favourites. In the meantime, take a look at some of the things I have bought in the last few months.

A little while ago I went to the thrift store with my friend Laura, and I found a few pieces that I just loved. The first is this taupe/beige top that appears to be from Sears. It has embellishment around the neckline and is a sort of tunic type shirt. I'd have to wear something under it as the neckline is quite low but I think it will be nice to style with some other pieces for spring.

The second top I absolutely love! I wore this in my last youtube video. It's a knit top from Reitmans, and it's loose fitting but very flattering! A great find!

The next top I got didn't have a label or tag in it so I wasn't able to find out where it was from originally, but it was in amazing condition and the fabric was nice. It also had these lovely seems going across the front and down the arms that I thought was very original. This was my favourite item I picked up at the thrift store.

Lastly from the thrift store, I found this tight fitting elbow length sleeve and deep V-neck black top which was from dynamite. It looks super good on and compliments my figure.

My next fashion finds were from actual stores. The first is a black blazer from Stitches, which I thought would be nice to have for professional things like interviews and such. The only other blazer I own is a turquoise colour. This will be nice for dressing up and down.

Next is a nice cut-out top that I got from Sirens. It's hard to tell, but the back and front have cut outs and it reminds me of catwoman or some sci-fi villainess. This top will be nice for going out.

I bought this dress for valentines day, and it was also from Sirens. The front has a cut out right, and the black part on the waste slims very well. It's a nice dress and I didn't have anything like it before.

These last fashion items I got at Walmart. The first is a simple black skater dress which will be fun to style with different pieces. I've been really into basics lately so this black dress was a must.

I found this green hoodie for $7 and couldn't pass it up! For one, it's my favourite colour, and it also had this cute white heart on the back which I loved! It's super comfy as well.

Lastyly for clothing or fashion items, I got this teal green top with a rose gold heart in sequins. I thought this was so adorable and that it would be nice for spring.

I'll start with some fashion and beauty items now.
I got this L'Oreal Nature's Therapy 12 in 1 leave in hair treatment because I wanted to see how it compared to the It's a 10 leave in treatment. So far I love it! I'll be doing a review on this soon in a video.

So I found this amazing macaron shaped body sponge at Shoppers Drug Mart and had to have it! And it's green, my favourite colour! I have an obsession with French macarons, and I've even attempted to make them a couple times. But seriously, how adorable is this!

This next item I also got at SDM. It's a brand new eye shadow pencil from Gosh called the forever eye shadow metallic eye shadow stick in Beige. It comes off as a gorgeous metallic champagne / antique gold colour and I love it! It's also waterproof and does NOT budge!

Ok, so when I saw this I couldn't believe my eyes. A bb cream for the body? Well, it does have a slight tint to it, but it doesn't transfer onto clothing or anything. It pretty much blends in seamlessly into the skin. It isn't really a bb cream at all by those standards. It's basically just a tinted body cream. But it claims to even out skin tone over time and whatnot so I decided to give it a try. And plus, it smells nice.

I needed an eye cream for so long, and finally I found one that wasn't a ridiculous price for a measly 15ml jar (which most eye creams are). Trust me, I did a lot of searching for one for a long time. I finally came acrossed this Ein Gedi dead sea minerals eye cream (a 30ml jar! HALLELUJAH!) for only $7 at Winners! And I love the texture, it's a thick balmy cream, but not greasy.

So I'd been wanting this for a long time. The Tarte Amazonian Clay Full-Coverage Airbrush Foundation (what a long name!) and the Airbuki brush. A trip to Sephora later and ta-da, now I have you my little baby! Mama loves you so much! Yes, I literally do love this foundation. This foundation is amazing for dry skin and doesn't cling to dry pieces, which I love! Although I do pair it with the next item for better coverage, and let me just say they work flawlessly together! 

I've had this item before, and used the crap out of it! I used and scraped out ever little last drop because, well it's my favourite bb cream ever. I would rather use this than foundation. It doesn't break me out, and in fact it makes my skin better! And unlike other foundations and bb creams that I use it doesn't cling to dry patches but keeps me hydrated with a dewy finish. But it also doesn't make me oily in the t-zone which I love. Glad I finally repurchased this old love of mine!

Lastly for beauty products, the haul of nail polish I got within the last month... Let's just list them out here from the red one on the right to the blue one in a circle: Essie's "She's Pampered", Essie's "For the Twill of it", China Glaze's "For Audrey" Revlon Parfumerie in "Lime Basil", Nails Inc. in "St. Martin's Lane",  and Sally Girl in "Epic".

So my last products to talk about in my haul are a few accessories. First are the earrings and midi ring I picked up to go with my valentines dress. I also got some bracelets to match but I have no idea where I put them... They are gorgeous and I'll definitely be wearing them a lot! The earrings are from Sirens, and the midi ring is from Clairs.

Next, when I went to Walmart I picked up a few earrings sets that were on sale for $1. This first one came with 6 pairs of earrings, but I really only wanted the rose-gold toned pretzels! The other earrings are cute too and I will definitely be wearing them.

Also from Walmart are these dark green hoops. As previously mentioned, green is a favourite colour of mine and these also match a green infinity scarf gifted to me by my friend Bee which I love!

Last item ladies and gents! I wanted to pick up a small purse for those days that I just don't feel like carrying my larger bag or on days where I'm just going to one place and don't need to pack anything more than my wallet and phone. It's a cute faux leather over the body purse, with a cute tassel and a small zip pocket in the front for my lipstick or whatnot. It's pretty small as previously mentioned, but it's what I wanted, and I feel as if the brown tone can be worn in spring and summer as well. 

So that's all for this haul folks! I have to go have a cup of tea and relax while being a lazy bum now... CYA!

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