Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Review: Rimmel Colour Rush Balms

I've been wanting these babies since they came out in Canada, and finally decided to pick up a few at Shoppers Drug Mart (where I work). They retail for something like $8.50 Canadian. I picked up a few bright colours, since I love them more than subtle nudes and I find they always have better staying power and pigmentation. I chose the shades 300 "Viva Violet", 220 "Rumour Has It", and 500 "The Redder, The Better," all of which are very nice shades. The staying power on them is very good. If you blot your lips after first application, they can even withstand eating a drinking. They also leave you with a lovely stain on your lips that lasts for hours. The smell of them is very nice too, like vanilla extract. There is no taste. At first they give you a glossy finish and are quite moisturizing, but you can blot them with a tissue to make the shine go away if that's what you are into.

From top to bottom: the redder the better, rumour has it, and viva violet.

From top to bottom: the redder the better, rumour has it, and viva violet.
From left to right: viva violet, rumour has it,  and the redder the better.

the redder the better
The Redder The Better is a great blue toned red. It makes your teeth look really white! It is bright and very pigmented and true to the colour of the packaging.

viva violet
 Viva Violet seems to be a very similar colour to Rumour Has It, but less pigmented and bright. It's a more subdued rosy pink. It doesn't look much like the packaging.

rumour has it
Rumour Has It is my favourite colour out of the colours I chose, and the brightest one. I love it! It's a bright fuchsia pink. It is true to the packaging colour.

I love these lippes and plan on buying more in the future (such as Lady Marmalade, a nice coral that will be great for spring!).

Hope you all enjoyed this post/review!

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