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January 2014 ipsy bag & December 2013 ipsy bag

So I've missed posting my ipsy bag for the past few months, but since I still hadn't touched December's, and just received January's, I thought I'd share them both in the same post. I have different opinions on both so keep that in mind.

I'll start with my favourite of the two, December. December's ipsy bag came with a chic black shiny makeup pouch with a sort of quilted effect. It's the best ipsy bag design I've received so far, and looks like the best quality too.

As per usual, here is an overview of the items it contained.

I received the neutral coloured pop beauty trio, which was a plus for me. I love neutral colours, and mostly that is all I wear unless I'm feeling pretty daring. This was in the colour "naturally bare." I haven't opened this to try it out yet, because I have a lot of other palettes I'm using, but maybe I'll put it in an overnight bag for the days I stay over at my boyfriends or go on trips. I'm impressed with the size of these shadows, which are much larger than other ipsy shadows I've received, and you get three (BONUS!)

Next I received this nail polish by Nicka K New York, which looks to be a pretty taupe gray colour. It doesn't have a name, and I have yet to try this product, but it is full sized so I am impressed.

I also received a full sized NYX Round Lipstick in the colour B52. It's a very flattering deep brown-ish pink colour. I'm very happy with this.

I also received a pair of false lashes from the brand Andrea. I'm not exactly a fan of falsies, but I have tried wearing them to parties (such as on new years, and st. patrick's day). Seeing as the last pair of falsies I tried were supposed to be "natural" and looked like something I'd describe as "monster lashes",  these intensely dramatic ones should be.... "fun."

Lastly in Decembers bag is a full sized be a bombshell "the one stick" in the colour "girl crush." I really love the concept of this, and was happy to receive this item in my bag. My only problem is the colour. It's a weird sheer pink with a gold glitter sheen to it. It hardly shows up on my hand (well the glitter does, sigh). The consistency is soft, but the colour is meh. Now I don't know what I'll use it for and highly regret swatching it, because I could have given it to a friend if it wasn't used. I don't even know if it will be good enough for a highlight. Maybe I'll try using it under a blush and see if that works.

Overall, I loved this bag a lot more than the January one (which you will see why soon). I'd give it a score of 4/5.

Moving along, here is the January bag! January's bag is a light blue with an even lighter blue cosmetics patter in a plasticy material. It's pretty good, but December's was definitely better. It smells kind of like a plastic fume though, which is pretty nasty.

An overview of this months products.

One of the better products in a bag was the Mica Beauty Tinted Lip Balm in "Fiesta." I really like the subdued rosy pink colour of this, but haven't tested it out yet for colour payoff (mainly because I have a ton of tinted lip balms already opened, so it will probably go into my stash for now).

The next product is another one I really liked receiving. It was the healthy sexy hair soy tri-wheat leave in conditioner. I really liked the oil treatment from the same line that I received in a previous bag and use it in my hair before every blow-dry. I'm interested to see how this turns out.

This product was a little bit of a disappointment, especially when compared to last months full sized products. This is a small sample of the 3 in 1 Revolution Cream by I'll still try this product, because I love trying new skin care creams and whatnot, but the size was a little bit small and it doesn't seem like there's enough product to do a real review on it.

I was happy to receive these Absolute! Make-up Cleansing Tissues. I was in need of makeup wipes, having just finished off the last package I had bought. Hopefully they will be nothing like the last cleansing wipes from ipsy (LA Fresh wipes), as they burned my eyes.

Lastly, I received this small sample of the Elizabeth Mott Smooth Shadow Creamy Eye Pencil in the colour "penny." This is tiny compared to other full-sized eye pencils I have received from ipsy in the past (including my favourite one from Starlooks in the colour Obsidian), but I guess I'll give it a try. Thankfully I have nothing like this bronze colour in my collection, at least not for eyeliners.

Overall, I'd like to say this was an OK bag. In comparison to December, it wasn't that great so I'll give it a 3/5 because of the smaller sample sizes.

Hope you all enjoyed,

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