Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Empties / Products I've Used Up (Summer & Fall)

Welcome back!

So it's been a while since I've posted anything, and I have lots of empties to discuss this time. Here are all of the items spread out. A few of them are multiples, so you can see I have a few favourite items.

First I'll talk about hair products. This Tresemmé shampoo took me a while to get through, mainly because I like to switch it up with my shampoos (between the hydrating and cleansing ones). This one is called "moisture rich", but I found it was more of a cleansing shampoo. I always love Tresemmé shampoos, so I can't complain. Besides, they smell so good. ;)

Next I got through a matching set of Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner. This one is from their "Bye Bye Breakage Line." I really liked these a lot, and they made my hair super soft. Not to mention they smelled amazing! Very good for dry or damaged hair.

Now, these are one of my favourite products, and I just couldn't live without them. I don't wash my hair every day (I have very dry hair, and really bad split ends), so I let the natural oils in my hair do their job. Unfortunately this means sometimes having greasier roots than I want, which weighs my hair down. Spraying a little bit of this in the root area on the days I don't wash helps a lot by getting rid of excess oils and giving me some volume. I'd recommend this to anyone :)

Next I have a few skincare items. Obviously, I have two of these Clinique Clarifying Lotions, a small and a large. This one is meant for dry to normal skin. I absolutely love this stuff, and whenever I use it, my skin is always at its best. It's kind of like a toner, and I apply it after washing my face, but before moisturizer. I will always repurchase this, but for now I have to get through a few other toners that I have.

Next is this sample of a Dr. Dennis Gross Facial Peel. I was sent this by a friend in a swap. When I tried it, it burned a little which was kin of uncomfortable. But overall, my skin did feel better and look better in the end. I don't think I would purchase the full sized, mainly because of the price.

Next is one of my all-time favourite moisturizers. Unfortunately it is very expensive. It's the Sephora brand instant moisturizer. If you're looking for something that makes your skin feel like velvet, but isn't heavy on your skin, then this is for you. The smell is also pleasant. I would repurchase this when I am done my other moisturizers.

I also went through the simple makeup cleansing wipes. I really liked these, as they are very gentle and can be used around the eyes without a stinging feeling. They take off makeup and oil very well, and have a kind of exfoliating texture. 

AHH, the Bioré deep cleansing pore strips. Well I have already bought myself a new box of these. There's just something satisfying about pulling those blackheads out of your nose. It probably doesn't take many out, but they are always fun and a lot of the times they do a good job of clearing the dirt and oil from the previous week.

Now this item is one of my favourites. It's a lightweight moisturizer but also an acne spot treatment. This really helped me on those days that I had pretty bad acne. If you wear this at night with your night cream your face will use it to repair your skin overnight. It's actually pretty cool. I would repurchase it, but the price is a little high so I would wait for a coupon.

The rest are miscellaneous items from several different categories (makeup, bath, personal care, etc.) 
This shower gel was sent to me in a swap. I have two of them, both given to me by friends. It wasn't that special in my opinion. It smelled nice (a slight rose scent), but it just worked like any other cleanser or soap.

These two mascaras are my favourites at the moment. I have repurchased Maybelline the Rocket twice already (I have a back up), because I like it so much. The Big Eyes mascara was nice also, but I mainly used it for the small spooly brush for bottom lashes, which made it somewhat of a waste since I didn't like the top lashes brush that much. I would repurchase both nonetheless. And I would recommend The Rocket to any friend.

Well this isn't really that special, but I went through a box of cotton swabs or two. The other one I threw out by accident. They really are one of my best makeup tools and are multipurpose. I usually get mine from the drug store or dollar store.

Next is a Skintimate Vitamin E Shaving Gel. I really like this brand's shaving gel because it doesn't cause me to have razor burn or dry skin. 

I went through this bottle of bubble bath from Avon. Now, it may seem like such a large bottle would last a while, but for some reason, the bubble bath didn't get very sudsy, and so I ended up using almost half the bottle at a time. I wouldn't repurchase this for that reason. Baths could get expensive.

Now, this here is my favourite deodorant/anti-persperant, and over the years I've tried many things but have never had anything this good. As it claims, it doesn't leave white residue on black shirts, or yellow stains on white shirts. It's a roll on clear formula. It claims to last 24 hours, and it can depending on how vigorous your activity. If you're sweating a lot, and I mean A LOT, it may not help with that. It does keep the smell away for a long time, however I have been nervous and reapplied when I thought I was sweating too much. For normal activity it can last 24 hours. Now for some reason the last one says 48 hours.... let's not test this ladies. No one wants to go a day without wearing deodorant, am I right? I always repurchase this and will ALWAYS recommend it to my girlfriends.

Lastly, I have a bottle of nail polish remover. I painted my nails quite a lot at the beginning of the summer and spring, so I went through this quite fast. It was like any other nail polish remover and wasn't super special. It's just a generic drugstore brand.

That's it for today! I hope you all enjoyed this post, and there will be many more posts to come.

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