Monday, October 7, 2013

DIY Triforce Studded Shorts

So a while back I ordered some triangle studs off ebay for a cosplay, but then changed my mind and decided to use them for something else (a DIY!). Because I love the Legend of Zelda so much, and these were triangle studs, I decided that I would attempt to make a triforce on an old pair of shorts.

The DIY was fairly simple to do. First you just need to place the studs in the shape you like and then one at a time pierce them through the fabric (in this case denim). The metal spikes that you pierced through can then be bent to prevent the studs from moving or falling off. I used a penny (you can use anything metal, such as a thimble or scissors) to bend it back.

I decided to do a few other designs along the pockets to finish the look. Here is the finished front and back:

I hope you guys found this useful or that it helped inspire you to do a DIY of your own!
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