Monday, July 1, 2013

ipsy glam bag June 2013

Hello friends! Welcome back to my blog. I apologize for being MIA for so long, but the past month has been so crazy. My life has been changing so much and it's hard to have time for my hobbies. I know this post is WAY overdue, but here is a review of my June ipsy bag! Let's get right into it ;)

Here is an image of the all of the items in my bag, as well as the cute bag it came in and the product card. I enjoyed this bag a lot this month. The design is very safari-like with a neon green (my favourite colour) zipper. The theme was into the wild. Unfortunately, I don't see how the products have anything to do with this theme, other than the bag itself.

Here is the first item I noticed in the bag, and as you can see I have used it already. I have to say I LOVE this NYX blush! It's a cream blush, so it's perfect for my dry skin. I didn't realize this was so pigmented so the first time I used it, my cheeks looked like a china doll. It's in the colour "natural."

Next I received a highlighting stick from Chella cosmetics. This is the perfect highlight for anyone who doesn't like anything too shimmery. It's flesh toned, but still lighter than my skin so it's perfect. It may make a good under eye concealer too, but I will have to try that.

Next was the Jcats Beauty Sparkling Cream Palette (which btw is not a cream at all). When I saw this in the bag I was a bit unhappy. I'm not a huge glitter lover. I guess I could use this for costume makeup, but it would have to be somewhere away from the eyes. Nothing hurts more than glitter stuck in your eyeball. 

I also received this lip pencil from Starlooks in the colour "bare." I tried this on my lips and it makes them look brown. It is not my colour, but perhaps layering it with another lip product would work. It has a nice creamy formula though! I'm not disappointed in the quality of this product, but I prefer bold colours to nudes.

Finally, I received the Cailyn Line-fix Gel Eyeliner in Purple. I LOVE THIS! After testing it on my hand, I have to say it's a beautiful and pigmented gel liner. The consistency is just perfect (not to wet, not too dry), it reminds me of more of a cream than a gel. Also, this took a lot of effort to wash off, and it did not smudge. I would definitely purchase this product and I'm eager to see the other colours available.

Swatches of the products: Cailyn eyeliner, Starlooks lip pencil, Chella highlighter, NYX blush, Jcats cream glitter palette (below).

Overall I enjoyed this months bag!

Thanks for reading, and until next time xxoo

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  1. OH I love that purple eyeliner! It seems like not the best month for you but 3 products isn't bad! I swapped for the bag and chella highlighter and am definitely excited to use them both :)

  2. cant wait to see you go back on track with all of your hobbies :) is miss you in the Youtube world
    lots of love

  3. hey I tagged you in the Liebster awards, check out my blog and answer my questions :)