Saturday, May 4, 2013


Welcome back! Today I just wanted to do a quick post about my day yesterday. I volunteered at my mom's school book fair with my friend Laura (she is going into a Library Tech program, and wanted some volunteer hours and to learn).

For lunch we wandered around Pinecrest and went to Ikea. I'd never eaten the food there before, and we are both on a budget, so this was a great option. I have to say I am very impressed, it was very delicious. If you haven't been to Ikea before (I had but hadn't tried the food), it is a furniture warehouse in which you wander through the store looking at the many room set ups (perhaps for inspiration). We both enjoyed looking at the lovely kitchens... and may have been planning our future houses at that moment. As for the food, it is set up somewhat like a cafeteria, and you grab what you'd like to eat along the way. Everything costs a pretty small amount but added up it can be quite a lot. Between the two of us, I believe it was around $25, which isn't bad. Here are some pictures:

Laura (unfortunately the lighting was bad facing her).

The deliciousness she consumed.

Goofy face? Why yes.

My Deliciousness (YUMMERS!)
The only thing that we ate that was different were the drinks (I had a Swedish sparkling apple drink, she had a Swedish sparkling pear drink), and our main courses (Laura had meatballs, mushroom crêpe, and some kind of broccoli dumpling thing; I had penne pasta with meatballs and garlic bread). We both had a salad and we shared the three desserts (we both had a truffle cake, shared the chocolate smore cake thing, and the "princess cake" (the pink thing) which had white cake, cream, raspberry filling, and marzipan icing, and tasted like a cloud).

Yeah it was pretty good. Afterwards we went to a store called Terra20, which only contains environmentally friendly products. She and I both bought brushes. She purchased an Eco Tools blending brush, and I picked up a buffing brush by the brand Pure Anada. Both of them were Vegan and Cruelty free brushes made with Bamboo handle, recycled metal, and synthetic taklon bristles (which are also apparently anti-bacterial, or so the sales-lady told me). Here is the brush I picked up:

Until next time,