Saturday, May 4, 2013


So today I will be doing a comparison of the two reconstructing hair masks that I own. I recently bought the "Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque", and have had the "Kérastase Resistance Masque Force Architecte Reconstructing Masque" for a few months now. I received the Kérastase mask from my boyfriends mother along with a few other goodies that her and her husband received in a goody bag at the Ottawa Fashion Week event. I've tried both and am going to tell you my thoughts on them today.

I'll start with the Kérastase one. This one comes in a much smaller container (75ml) which is a sample and the full sized container of 201ml retails for about $55. The container specifies that it has a 3-4 erosion level (what the heck does this even mean?!) I googled it, and apparently it means the level of damage of your hair. So assumably, level 3-4 would be the highest level of damage. The whole resistance line by Kérastase is made for highly damaged hair. So what are my thoughts? Let me break it down for you:
-Smell: The smell is good and bad. Picture putting fruit and chemicals in a blender. That's what this smells like. A sweet chemical smell. Almost like a shampoo, but a little less nice smelling. I like and don't like the smell.
-Colour: The colour is a white cream.
-Texture: It is very watery, almost like your typical conditioner, but a little more watery. I typically like a conditioner to be very thick, and so I'd rather have a thicker conditioning mask.
-Taste: It tastes a bit like soap.... Just kidding, I wouldn't eat this! HAHAHA I had you going ;)
-During application: You have to use a lot of product, and it's kind of annoying because there isn't a lot in this sample. I found myself reapplying it over and over because it would just slide of my hair. I ended up mixing it with my other conditioner because it wasn't thick enough. This isn't exactly good, seeing as it is an expensive product. And I have used it on it's own as well, so I can give you an accurate review.
-After application: My hair was soft, but I felt like it didn't make a huge difference. My hair isn't usually super dry, but I do have those days. For example, when I finished my It's a 10 leave in conditioner, my hair was dry and no product could replace it. But even with and without my LIC I didn't find a difference of the quality in this product. It just isn't there. When I'm done this post, I'm giving it to my mom. 

Final Verdict: I would definitely never buy this, it just isn't worth the money for the so-so results.
Grade: C+

Next I will talk about the Macadamia Oil Mask. This mask was 100 times better than the Kérastase (in my opinion). The container contains 250ml (full sized) and cost me $28 at Rexall. The packaging is gorgeous on it's own, and I absolutely love green (it's my favourite colour). Here are my thoughts:
-Smell: It smells gorgeous! Like the smell of a salon, or your hair after being to the salon. NOT a chemically smell like the previous mask. It's luxurious in the shower!
-Colour: It's a kind of off-white peach toned colour. It kind of has an iridescent shimmer in it, but that doesn't transfer into your hair.
-Texture: It is THICK and luxurious! You don't need a ton of product and it feels so soft running it through your hair. AMAZING.
-During application: Well I already talked about the lovely texture and smell. Running it through your hair feels amazing. It required 7 minutes to penetrate the hair cuticle, but you can just wash yourself or shave during that time. After rinsing, you may have to be careful as it makes the shower floor pretty slippery.
-After application: I combed through my hair pretty easily without adding a LIC. After blow drying my bangs, I braided the ends of my hair and left to air dry. A few hours later, I took my hair out of the braid only to feel the luxuriously soft ends. It feels like I literally just got back from the salon or had a hair cut. My damaged ends feel like I've never used a hot tool or dyed my hair in my life. Of course this only temporarily fixes the damage, and will not reverse it. But who cares, it's amazing!

Final Verdict: I would definitely buy this again. It's cheaper at Rexall than anywhere else I've found it so far, so I will continue to buy it there. If I use it sparingly once a week, it should last me a while as there is a ton of product. 
Grade: A++!

So there you have it, here is your winner and loser. Sorry Kérastase, there were just too many things wrong with you. You didn't make the cut. ;)

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post / review / comparison. 

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  1. I am totally gonna try out the macadamia one if I ever spot it in winners!

    1. It's amazinggg!!! I haven't seen it at winners yet, but I did see the oil spray :)

  2. This makes me super excited to try my macadamia oil shampoo and conditioner!