Sunday, April 21, 2013

Picture Throwback!!

Ok, so I've been looking through some old pictures (some a year old, some over a year) and I thought I'd share some with you so that you can get to know me a bit better!

Here's an edit I did from June 2011. This is back when I had red hair. Of course, you can't tell because I made this photo black and white. I wish I still had photoshop, but I wiped my laptop ;w;

This one's from september 2011. Also black and white. My skin kind of started sucking at this point... damn I wish it was still as good as the above photo. ;w;

A few days later in september - here you can see me in full red-head-ness. Damn I forgot I had that top!

Oh here's another edit I did (this time using a iPhoto), but my hair looks blonder. I assure you it isn't. This was also in september 2011.

This one is from early October 2011. I think I got my hair cut, so yes it was shorter. ^^

Mid October 2011, I was very into braids, and from then on would be obsessed with them.

Middle-late October 2011. I got this Hello Kitty T. Do you like it!? My bangs were getting too long at this point, so I would put them back a lot.

Late October 2011. I attempted to do a True Blood Sookie Stackhouse costume for Halloween. I worked that night. Only three people knew who I was. ;w; 

Still have red hair at this point, so maybe I confused people. Here is my DIY vampire bite, that I did with makeup ^^

Fast forward to mid November. My parents took me to see Mamma Mia! on broadway for my birthday ^^ I got a T-shirt.

Fast forward again to mid January 2012. I re-discovered my Fruits Basket Momiji hat... (it's from an anime if you couldn't tell). Again with the black and white... sorry! At this point I got highlights. So my hair is more blonde looking.

A few weeks later, I started dating Mike, and started my YouTube channel and then blog! ^^ the next picture is from April 2012. This is more where I'm at today, although I feel like my boobs look great in this photo! LOL What bra was I wearing?! I guess I'll never know. I was going to a psychedelic dance that night, and was dressed like a hippy! ^^

Thank you for reading! I just had to share these photos / memories with you guys. It was like going back in time or something! I know all of the photos are of me, but I thought it would be fun for you all to see how I've changed ^^



  1. It's always a lot of fun looking back at old photos :) I've been going through my Instagram lately, and it's crazy how much has changed!

    1. What's your instagram? I will add you :)