Thursday, April 18, 2013

Essence Vintage District Collection

Welcome back to my blog! Today I will be reviewing a few items from the Essence Vintage District Collection. So the other day I picked up 6 items from the collection - a lipstick, three nail polishes, a gel eyeliner, and a blush. You can find these at Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada ^^

I will first talk about the lipstick, since it's the first thing I got (my friend picked it up for me, and we later returned so that I could pick up the rest of the items I wanted. 

The lipstick is a coral-y orange colour, and is called "vintage peach." It comes with a lip gloss on the other side. The lipstick has a bit of shimmer, but that does not really transfer onto the lip, and it's more of a glossy finish. It's pretty sheer, and kind of the consistency of a lip butter like the other Essence lipsticks that I own. The gloss has shimmer as well, but it is a lighter yellow-y orange and is kind of a duo chrome / dual toned lip gloss. It as well is pretty sheer. The sparker/shimmer/glitter is fine enough that it doesn't look bad on the lips.

The next item I will talk about is the blush. This blush is called "It's Popul-Art." It is a beautiful peach-y coral orange colour with a sheer gold overlay. Under the gold is a darker peach/orange colour.  It comes off as a lovely gold sheen when mixed, but sadly the gold will only last so long. Once it's sweeped away by a brush, all that will be left is a sheer peach colour. It's actually so beautiful though, that I don't want to use it and ruin the beautiful detailing.

Next I will talk about the eye liner. This eye liner is a gel/cream formula. It isn't like the other Essence gel liners, in that it is pretty stiff, and less gel-like than them. It is a beautiful blue colour called "Shopping Portobello Road", and has pretty good colour payoff. I am wearing it on my eyes today, and it is definitely not sheer. It comes off exactly as it looks. I love the frosted glass packaging, and the nice little brush it comes with, which I will be putting to use. If only all of Essence's products were packaged this nicely! But then I guess they would be more expensive, wouldn't they. 

Lastly, I will talk about the three polishes I picked up. In order of the picture we have "02 Shopping Portobello Road" (the same colour as the eyeliner), "01 Vintage Peack" (the same colour as the lipstick), and "01 Antique Pink" (a lovely rose colour, which we did not get in the lipstick shade here in Canada... boo!). These are all lovely colours that I have yet to try, but will be doing a nail look soon (once the ipsy peach colour chips).

Swatches in order: "It's Popul-Art" Blush, "Vintage Peach" Lipstick & Gloss, & "Shopping Portobello Road" Gel Liner:

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  1. I really really really love that eyeliner! What a great colour! And I'm a sucker for anything orange/peach, too...

    1. Same!! Did you find it too? :o if you didn't the Maybelline blush I picked up is gorgeous also!