Monday, March 25, 2013

My First Ever Swap!

Hey everyone, it's Tegan here again to show you my first ever swap. I met this special person in a Canadian swap group on Facebook where I was approached by her to be swap partners. And I do not regret it! She is a total sweetheart, and a very genuine person! Over the past few weeks we have enjoyed getting to know each other and shop for goodies for one another to send in the mail. We are both in school, but we still found time to shop for each other in between assignments and studying (it was a sort of de-stressor, if you will). I am still waiting for her to get the package from me, but when I do I will have a link so that you can see what I got her. OK, lets get into the good stuff ;)

Here is the letter she wrote me, which I did not find first (oops!) but as soon as I did I read it.

outside of letter

She was soooooo sweet!

Consequently, this Lush bath bomb was the first thing I pulled out. Unfortunately it had shattered a bit, but it can still be used! This is better in my opinion because I can use the pieces separately and use it more than once. It's a lavender colour on the outside with blue on the inside. I am unsure of the name, but it smells divine ;)

Apparently her favourite. It smells yummy!

Next I pulled out this guy! I've seen this in people's glossy boxes and my friend Megan actually gave me hers recently due to the strong scent. I however do like floral scents, and will be putting both to good use. I love shower gels! :)

Next thing I pulled out was this Coolway hair (gel? treatment? I am still unsure of what it is) boost. It looks interesting, and I am excited to give it a try. I do love hair products. And I don't think I own anything like this.

I next pulled out these, which were wrapped nicely in tissue paper (which a lot of things were) and a cute note. I am super excited to try them! I've only tried the masks before, and I looooove scrubs. The three include: tropical & shimmering, cocoa butter smoothing, and lemon & pomegranate hydrating body scrubs.

OMG guys! She must have been near a Target or gone to the States to get these! I am super SUPER excited to try these! They are so cute and would be amaze-balls for travel! SONIA FREAKING KASHUK!

At this point I was freaking out a bit and I was thinking "is this girl for real?! she SO went overboard!" So I did ask for this, but the mere fact that she was able to get a hold of it shocks me because every time I look for it they don't have it in stock. It is the ever-popular MAC Rebel. And although this fall/winter appropriate colour is almost out of season, I don't give a shit and will still be wearing it in the spring and through summer. OOOO AAAAAH.

My new baby, obvs.
EEE! I was expecting these, but I actually already use the clarifying toner and am almost running out so this is good! And you can never have enough makeup remover!

I was super excited about this one, because I saw this at Sephora and didn't use my points to get it when I should have. Hopefully my complexion will be improved. Apparently she likes it, and I will probably as well.

YUMMY TREATS. I could eat chocolate all day. I don't need it, but... wait one of these is mint chocolate?! Excuse me while I eat this....

Damn that was delicious! Anyways, moving on. The next thing I pulled out of the package was this lip balm! I love these, and actually didn't have this flavour yet. Sounds delicious though! I will be putting it to use on my oh-so dry lips.

Next she got me these two lovely nail polishes that are supposedly dupes to Essie's Mint Candy Apple and Lilacism (two polishes that I have wanted for a while). I also love pastels, which I am guessing she got the hint on. Eheh.

Joe Fresh in Mint and Lilac, appropriately.
And theeeeen... I pulled out this lovely little item. Since we don't have a Victoria Secret in Ottawa (yet) I asked for this. I currently own a dupe for this perfume (which I am almost out of, and is only available in a seasonal set) so I already knew what it smelt like. I am absolutely shocked because I thought this was a body spray. I didn't even realize that there was an Eau de Toilette version! I hope this didn't cost a lot.... EEP! But I am SO happy with it! I love it so much!

Lastly, I found these little goodies in the bottom of the bag! I thought I'd display them this way for you to see:

I loves them Lindor White Truffles ;)
And here is an overview of everything:

I apologize for the crappy lighting of these pictures (I only just got home around 7:30 and it was already dark out).

Thank you so much to Marley, my lovely swap partner! I love everything, and although it is difficult to portray emotions over the computer, I promise you that I was flipping out with glee with every item I pulled out! I love that you chose an Easter theme! SO CUTE! I am truly thankful, and if it came down to it would gladly swap with you again! I cannot wait to share this blog post with everyone and get to try out my goodies! Hopefully you will love everything that I got for you :)



  1. woaaah did you do the $15 or $30 swap? Definitely enjoy all those products!

    1. Nope we decided on $50 but in pretty site we both went over.