Saturday, March 23, 2013

Homemade Acne Scar Treatment

Hey guys! Sorry it's been so long since I've made a post. Lately school has just been very hectic and busy. I'll be done in April for good, so luckily I will have more time to do blog posts and videos (yay!). Also I'd like to mention that I finally figured out how to activate the followers gadget, so if you're already subbed then feel free to add yourself (since it seems to say I have none atm), and if you haven't then please do! Thanks in advanced :)

Now on to the actual topic. Acne scarring has plagued many people, and I decided one day that since mine were getting borderline pretty bad, I would attempt to make my own healing concoction. Good news is it's been working! Slowly, but I have seen a difference in the past two weeks. The worst spot for acne scars for me is on the chin, and since I've been using this remedy, I've hardly had to use concealer anymore in that spot. You can still see my spots, but not nearly as much (and tbh I don't like caking on foundation and concealer in that area). I pretty much only conceal under my eyes now.

So what's in this concoction you ask? Well here are the ingredients:

Number 1: Lemon juice. In a small container, squirt a few squirts of concentrated lemon juice inside. I used a spare Sephora container from a previous liquid sample.

Number 2: Tea tree oil. Put in a few drops, as this is concentrated. You can find it at your local pharmacy. I found this at Shoppers Drug Mart (Canada).

Number 3: Vitamin E. This is a thick consistency and will come out slow, but only put a bit in. The same amount as the lemon juice would work fine.

Number 4: Aloe Vera. I used a gel form here. You can use the extract or the actual plant's juice, but be aware that it will require less and maybe be a different consistency. Here I used a few good squirts of the gel. I got this at a local pharmacy (Rexall in Canada).

I poured all the ingredients straight into this little Sephora sample jar. and shook it up inside. Make sure that every time you use this you shake it, as the ingredients do separate. You do not need to refrigerate this. The lemon juice will not go bad, but will only change in taste (but you are not going to be eating this. Please don't). Take a q-tip/cotton swab or a cotton ball and dab on problem areas before bed after washing your face and applying moisturizer and any other things you do in your bedtime routine. WARNING: It does smell like tea-tree oil, but the smell goes away. Just don't apply it during the day, unless you're really desperate or the smell doesn't bother you.

Let me know how it goes for you!

Lots of love,


  1. I dislike the scent of tea tree oil but it's totally worth it! tea tree oil is actually awesome. Once a foundation (from the body shop) broke me out and I just rubbed some tea tree oil all over my face. The next morning, it had all subsided!

    1. It's great isn't it?! I hate the smell but it works wonders. :) it's a little less smelly if its mixed with water or other ingredients.

  2. This sounds really great! I think I'll give a shot. Do the ingredients mix well? Do you just shake or stir with some kind of spoon...?