Saturday, December 15, 2012

Topbox December 2012

  • China Glaze Full Sized Nail Polish in "purr-fect plum" valued at $8.25 on
  • Chloé eau du parum 5ml sample - full sized = 50ml@ $90.00. The sample is worth about $9
  • Goldwell Hot Form Spray sample size of 30ml. Full size is 150ml @ 20.95. The sample is worth $4.20.
  • Ferro Cosmetics Multi-use mineral pigment in bashful. Full sized at the website is 4 grams and is worth $17. The sample does not say how much is in it... but I'm sure it's not a full sized. Let's say it's 1 gram... so we will place this value at $4.25
Total value of box: $25.70. 
I've definitely seen better value, especially since this box is $13 now. I'm glad I cancelled, although I did not get horrible things in this months box. My ipsy bag has so much more value in it. It is a few dollars extra because of shipping, but the value is almost twice that of this top box usually with more full-sized products. My guess is that the brands that partner with ipsy know they have well-known spokes persons and bloggers that will sell their products better. Whereas we don't know anyone well known who is tied to topbox, do we? .... less perks for them then I guess. They should really find a well-known Canadian beauty blogger to be their spokesperson. So far I like the colour of the polish, but we'll see. I also like the perfume A LOT. But the pigment isn't something I'd really wear and it was messy to get out of the container. The hair heat spray I haven't used yet, but we shall see how that goes. Anywaysss that's all I have to say for this one. I'll let you know how I liked the products in another post.

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