Sunday, December 2, 2012

Loose Button Luxe Advent Calendar Dec 1st & 2nd

So I'll be doing a video reaction overview at the very end, but I thought why not post what I've been getting from my Luxe Advent Calendar on my blog.

For day 1 I received the YSL Dessin du Regard Waterproof Eye Pencil. It contains 0.028 oz. The original full sized eyeliner is 0.04 oz. and $28 at Sephora. This makes the value of this deluxe sized sample at $19.60. That is amazing, and I am also very impressed with the quality. I wore it yesterday (the first) on my upper and lower waterline and it did not budge. Very happy with the product, and I would recommend it if it weren't so expensive!

The eyeliner - Dec. 1st

Day 2 (today) I received the Acqua di Gioia fragrance from Giorgio Armani. This is a very light fragrance, and smells very similar to Vera Wang Princess to me (minus the note of chocolate). Perhaps it is because it is an Aqua / Oceany scent. It came in a small bottle of 5ml. Typically I would buy a 1 oz. bottle so I am using that to calculate the value. The 1oz. bottle at Sephora is $49.00. So this 5ml / .17 oz. bottle is worth $8.33. Not bad... not bad. So all in all I am very impressed with the scent and the value. Thank you Loose Button, and L'Oréal.

The Perfume - Dec. 2nd

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