Monday, October 22, 2012


So this is going to be a rant/random post. Skip it if you please but I feel the need to vent right now..

Right now, at this very moment, I am sitting at a table in a hall at Carleton University. I'm attempting to research articles for my fourth year research paper. First of all, I spent an hour (and at the same time met a friend for coffee) researching and having very little success. Afterwards I spend half an hour searching for a place to sit that had an outlet since my laptop died in the middle of my research. When I finally found this table, I gave up on research and worked on another assignment for a while. LET ME TELL YOU, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO CONCENTRATE WITH TWO IDIOTS TALKING IN THE TABLE IN FRONT OF YOU. They eventually left, and I got what needed to be done, done. And when I started to research again, I finally found some articles. PROBLEM: It took me an hour to read one 15 page article. I guess I forgot to mention that I have a hard time reading things on screens. It tends to hurt my eyes, and without the page in my hands I seem to lose my spot on the page a lot. It's the same with typing notes in a lecture. I find have a hard time typing the words on the slides, but I have no problem writing them down on paper. The point is that I would rather be home right now working on reading these articles with a cup of tea in one hand and maybe some snacks (aka Cheetos, chocolate or Kraft Dinner). I could even finish those lectures I was watching.. you know, since the midterm exam is Saturday. So I finished one thing out of my 6 things for school that I need to do this week. And I have tomorrow off, which is wonderful seeing as I need the time. Let me lay it out for you. I can't leave school because I have a class at 6pm (three hours+ from now) that has pop quizzes. That's just GRAND. That class being three hours long, I will probably not get home until 10:30pm due to transportation time. By then it will be too late, I will already be too tired (I don't do overnights) to work on anything else. So that leaves tomorrow and Wednesday to a) Study for one midterm that's on Friday b) Study for another midterm that's on Saturday c) Finish an assignment for a class that's due Wednesday d) Practice for a presentation for Thursday e) Work on an assignment that's due Thursday. My brain hurts now.. T_T

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