Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Loose Button Fall Luxebox 2012

So Loose Button decided to change their subscription service to seasonally instead of monthly, and it now comes 4 times a year. The Fall box, or end of August box was the first of the new boxes. Here is a look at what I received in mine:

The new packaging, which is higher in quality, and fits snuggly into my mail box.

Inside, everything came wrapped in a handkerchief.

Within the envelope...

An item description card.

Kerastase hair oil 3ml - appx. $1.30

Calvin Klein BEAUTY perfume 1.2 ml - appx. $2.00

Calvin Klein BEAUTY skin lotion 30ml - appx. $6.50

I was happy to receive the Marcelle BB Cream, as I already have and use it. I'm about half way done the original one that I bought, so this will make a nice back up ^^

Marcelle BB Cream - appx. $23.00

China Glaze Polish in Elephant Walk - appx. $7.75

LancĂ´me DĂ©finicils High Definition Mascara 2.07ml sample - appx. $10.00  

Loose button exfoliator pad. Not sure of price...

5 x VICHY ProEVEN Daily Dark Spot Corrector 1.5ml each - appx. $10.00

So the total box value is - $50.55 (taking only the products into account, and not including the boxes, wrapping, and the exfoliator). Pretty happy this time! I saw that some people got the Eyeko felt tip liner, and I sure with I'd gotten that! I would definitely have used it and loved it ^^ hopefully if they have any left over, I may get one in the next luxe box.

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