Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sephora / Dynamite / Timothy's Mini Haul

When I was at Sephora with a friend yesterday I saw some things I wanted, and so I went back for them today. I also picked up a few other things.

NARS: Orgasm/Laguna - Blush/Bronzer Duo

NARS: Orgasm/Laguna - Blush/Bronzer Duo

Urban Decay NAKED Palette

Urban Decay NAKED Palette

White Flowy Tank from Dynamite 

Chai Tea Powder

Banana Cream Hot Chocolate Powder - YUMMY!


  1. Hey, darling! It's Sked! I really like the Urban Decay NAKED Palette you bought! (40% because I like your reflection in the window, haha). But omg in your last post I am so jealous of all that tea you bought *o*

    Also I tried to subscribe, but I got redirected to some page full of html text, it was really weird :/

    1. I just added a "follow by email" gadget that should be there on my page at the top on the right now. So try that I guess? Anyways, the palette is awesome!! I just tried it and love how my eyes look :) the tea is so tasty. I'm going to send you some in the mail! xo -Teg

    2. Yay, I put in my e-mail and it worked fine! I look forward to receiving more blog notices from you! One day when you'll be famous and renown for all your beauty tips, I'll get to boast about how I married you before anyone else! xP

      && ooh, really? 8D
      Gah, you better not spoil me! LOL. Hopefully I'll get a job next year & I'll be able to return the favor ;)

    3. LOL awww well idk if that will ever happen, but hopefully I can help people or make them feel more beautiful. That's the goal!

      Yes of course!! I will defs spoil you, and even if you sent something you made yourself i'd still love it!