Thursday, June 7, 2012

May Luxebox Extras

Ok ladies, so it seems that the extra "complimentary" item that Loosebutton sent me was indeed the white bath and body box. I did receive it today (7 days after receiving the black Luxebox), with the Venus and Olay razor, and the Olay Regenerist wrinkle cream.  I'll be using the razor, and giving the wrinkle cream to my mother. 
Pictures of what I received below:

The Box


Wrinkle Cream

I also want to talk about the new "seasonal" boxes. I just signed up for Luxebox and this was my first monthly box... so when I signed up I intended to have a monthly service. It's nice that we get more product in the seasonal boxes, but paying double for only a few more products is kind of iffy. I hope they come full sized, and not samples. 26 dollars is hardly worth 7 samples. I only got 4 samples in my box this month (the ones that weren't complementary), and I found it almost wasn't worth 13 dollars on it's own. I hope the seasonal ones are not all samples, and that they are full-sized and worth the money. Waiting 3 months for a box is going to be tough, especially when I signed up initially for a monthly service. So it better be worth it... 


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